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beautiful, outstanding, classy

“WOW!!! I cannot put into words the BEAUTIFUL, OUTSTANDING, CLASSY work that Leendah and her team provided for my son and my new daughter-in-law’s wedding. How thankful and blessed we are for Leendah. Her taste is impeccable and her design is flawless! She is so personable and such a joy to be around. She’s always smiling, making you feel comfortable, and at ease that she has every detail under control. You will not be unhappy to have Leendah Adaka Events & Design planning, designing, and capturing the true essence of your wedding day!!! I have another one to get married some day…Leendah we will definitely need you again! I am passing out your info to all I know and giving you rave reviews! Big hugs and thanks again to you and your team!!!! A little hint > Leendah and her team travel worldwide so don’t let distance get in the way of hiring her!!!”


effortless results

“The Most Special Day! Firstly I want to say how grateful my husband and I are to Leendah! She’s an amazing planner, she’s so thoughtful and thorough and made our wedding so special! Leendah is so dedicated, especially as it was for her an international wedding – she’s based in the USA, we are based in the UK with a large guest list (200+) and it was a mixed culture wedding (Nigerian and British). She pulled it off and made it look so effortless! She has a plan B, C, D through to Z for any and everything unexpected which just speaks to how well organized she is! She collaborated so well with my husband and I, our families, and our vendors, and can even suggest great selection of trusted vendors! We would highly recommend Leendah Adaka Events & Design for any event planning!”


professional and dedicated

“It was amazing working with you. I highly appreciated your professionalism and dedication to the task. Looking forward to working with you again.”


attention to detail

“Leendah was professional and warm. Friends and family in attendance were all a witness as to how smooth our ceremony was due to the meticulous attention to detail that Leendah showed. Our occasion was such a success because of Leendahs direction and awesome organization. We continue to spread the word amongst our friends and family. Thank you for making our special day so amazing.”


100% recommend

to anyone who wants a lovely, memorable day

I cannot praise Leendah enough for ensuring that the event was ‘sooo lovely.’ As the mother to the bride (and as a mother generally), I am used to running around like a headless chicken to ensure events go according to plan. With Leendah planning the event, I could for once come up for air and enjoy the event.

Leendah was an absolute trooper from the beginning to the very end. She went over and above to make my daughter’s wedding a massive success! Leendah was always there like a stealth ninja to sort things out in her calm and smiley demeanor.

Leading up to the event , Leendah kept all the vendors on their toes, so that on the day they brought their A-game. I would 100% recommend Leendah to anyone who wants a lovely memorable day. What the last few years has taught us is how possible it is to effectively commence organizing a wedding on an international level. Leendah was able to coordinate all the relevant family members across the globe!  Each and everyone knew their roles, and where and when to play them, ensuring that we thought of all the different cultural connotations and making a lovely hybrid of all cultures on the day.

Leendah’s painstaking (I repeat painstaking) attention to detail was sooo worth it! It was so emotional to see it all come together on the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Leendah for making me a proud Mama of the day!


everything planned with pinpoint accuracy

“My sincere gratitude to the entire team of Leendah Adaka Events & Design, for organizing such an amazing and extraordinary wedding. It was a beautiful day, indeed. What I found most amazing was their ability to plan the wedding virtually, thousands of miles away. Leendah and her team relied solely on information, instructions, templates, venue floor plans, etc. – and everything was planned with pinpoint accuracy. The attention to detail was impeccable. The layout was meticulously planned such that every guest knew their table number and where they would be seated before the wedding day. The positioning of the DJ, caterers, bride, and groom’s throne was strategically planned so that there was no obstruction to view and/or movement. Everyone had a good view of the activities of the day. Leendah and her team structured the arrangement and timing of every segment of the agenda so that there was a seamless flow from one activity to the other. Leendah and her team organized numerous virtual meetings and choreographic sessions with every stakeholder in the wedding ceremony, including the bride and groom, parents/families of bride and groom, caterers, MCs, photographer, etc. Everyone who had a role to play knew exactly what to do and when to it before the day. Leendah and her team did not restrict their services to only virtual plans. On the day, they were on the ground to follow up and ensure that every plan was executed accurately. They were also available and reliably attending to every enquiry from anyone.”


perfect wedding day

“I cannot express my gratitude enough to the team at Leendah Adaka Events & Design and how much of a cornerstone Leendah has been to making this day run so smoothly! They covered every aspect of the wedding that we needed (even the points we didn’t realize we needed). There was no detail to big or too small; from having Plan B’s in place for on the day delays; to having the music playlist and breakfast ready for us on the morning of the wedding. It was such a relief being able to just rely on Leendah to have everything recorded and noted and not need to worry about keeping track of anything. They have such an intuitive software/system in place which keeps all necessary details together and provides prompts or reminders whenever necessary. It brings to life your special day, where you can see diagrams and visuals to how it all should look. Leendah dedicates herself to the project so much it feels as if she’s your own personal planner, available 24/7 up until and after the wedding day! I cannot give her enough credit; she has endless patience and is ever relentless to assure everything is covered for your special day to go right! I back this as a testimony with my wedding day going perfect! Only finding out after the day, any blips which may have occurred (from vendors or guests). With Leendah having controlled and corrected them, due to all the preparation beforehand. Finally, the most wonderful aspect of this all, is that Leendah and her team are the most loving and charming team – the love and care they put into their work makes you feel like you’ve known them for decades. Thanks again for all that you’ve done and for delivering me the most wonderful day. May you be blessed by Leendah Adaka Events & Design and have the most wonderful experience also!


knowledgeable and supportive – a gem!

“Leendah is just a gem! So knowledgeable, and so supportive. She’s not just a planner. She is like a best friend at a time when you need one the most. I could go on and on, but I’ll just say I love you Leendah! You really made our moment so lovely!”


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